The Ciso as a service proposal – cybersecurity

CISO as a service : Gain All the Benefits of an In-House CISO without the overhead – cyber security services

Many organisations do not have the resources to employ dedicatedCyber Security personnel (CISO  – Chief Information Security Officer ).   For others, the existing IT team don’t have the time to keep up with the constant flux of the threat landscape.   You need cyber security services, and a CISO is exactly what you need to keep your Enterprise secure. That’s why Emmera is offering CISO as a Service. We’ll relieve all your security concerns by providing you with the following cyber security services :

  • A startup Security assessment to evaluate your need and actual cybersecurity level.
  • An expert, independent and unbiased view of your risk, compliance and security postures
  • An information security liaison to auditors, assessors and third parties
  • Oversight and management of the day-to-day security activities, reporting, and events
  • Policy Development and Recommendation in-line with best practices and your company’s needs
  • A Cyber Security Roadmap with strategic guidance in company growth, risk management and service offerings

Humans and technologies together

We will also accommodate your Company with the appropriate procurement services, and your CISO – Chief Information Security Officer will serve as your personal security technology liaison the whole way. We know where to find value, what works and what often fails. We’ll cut through the marketing and technology jargon to help you understand the true costs and benefits of available organizational solutions.

With you will get a security advisor with a team of multiple experienced security experts, covering all cyber security domains your business is exposed to.

Ciso as a service provide cyber security for all kind of businesses : industry, transports, healthcare, hospitals, finance, banking, technologies, law and legal, …

We bring standardized approaches and templates to deliver quicker and at a lower cost. From security policies and codes of conduct to standard approaches to manage your vulnerabilities or gain assurance on the security of your suppliers, we do not start from nothing.  You will benefit from our experience and work.

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