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Ciso as a service

The  CISO As A Services Offering :

We provide you with specific cyber security services to help you create,maintain and enhance your security posture and program.  The CISO as a service offering has a risk based approach, and we adapt our methodology to your needs.  We do this job since years, for Financial, Industrial, Public sectors, and many others type of companies.  We will bring you our experience and skills, along with our existing material.  Therefore we will only need to fine tune our material for your need, not to build them from scratch.  This is a great  practical, timely and cost advantage for your company, as not every business needs the same security level.

The CISO as a service offering provides you state of the art and workable security, at the lower cost.  We always propose pragmatic solutions, based on our experiences in SME as well as in big corporations.

  • Need help to build your security program?
  • Need to know your security posture/level?
  • You have to answer customer’s question about your security?
  • You want to protect your business?

Check our CISO As A Services Offering

Have a look at our CISO As a service offering to discover how we will support your business to keep it secure.

Don’t hesitate anymore, and contact Us.  We will answer in the shortest delays.

When you need the services from a CISO, but you don’t need security leader on board every day. Do it the  “CIso as a service ” way.

We will bring you a team of security experts, with one didicated contact point.

Want to know a typical part time CISO Mission ? Check this page

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Based in Rixensart (Wallon Brabant) we operate in Belgium (Wallonia, Brussels, Flanders), Luxembourg and France.  The company was created in 2000 by Maxime Rapaille, expert in cyber security since more than 25 years.

We also have a branch in France (Department Cher) For data protection, Cybersecurity and DPO as a Service :